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Items of Interest 

- DoD ATS Panel Session will follow the Keynote address on Tuesday
 Nondestructive testing and evaluation (NDT&E) is a diverse field of science and engineering impacting maintenance and long-term health monitoring of critical systems and structures. Space, aerospace, civil infrastructure, military hardware and many more such systems, require NDT&E on a periodic and rigorous basis. Consequently, NDT&E techniques must capable of addressing a plethora of wide-ranging problems and requirements. This “Panel Discussion” aims to introduce issues specifically related to Aerospace NDT&E, needs, possible solutions as well as the future of NDT&E for Aerospace applications and requirements, such as in-spece inspection needs. The invited panel members offer broad technical backgrounds and experiences in this field and will speak to several important aspects of these issues. Following a short presentation by each panel member, the remainder of the session will be devoted to discussions among the attendees and the panel members.
Featuring the following topics:
 Evolution of Composites in Aerospace: Implications for NDE
Dr. Donald D. Palmer, Jr. – The Boeing Company
Evolution of Microwave & Millimeter Wave Imaging for Nondestructive Inspection
Dr. Reza Zoughi – Missouri University of Science & Technology (S&T)
Digital Inspection for Nondestructive Testing Industry
Mr. Bradley Gilliland – General Electric Measurement & Control Solutions
Automated Large Scale Production Inspection Systems
Mr. Ron Goodman – Boeing
Aircraft Inspection and Monitoring on High Cycle Fatigue Components with Tear Down Validation
 Dr. Glenn M. Light – Southwest Research Institute
In-Space Nondestructive Inspection
 Dr. William H. Prosser – NASA Langley Research Center
- "Naval Aviation ATS Future Strategies" Invited Paper Session on Wednesday
The Navy will build on its Automatic Test Systems Roadmap provided during the DoD Opening Plenary Session to provide greater details on its plans to sundown the 20 year old CASS Test System and replace it with the modern replacement eCASS Test System.  This session will provide briefings from several of the CASS Family of Tester’s experts, addressing topics like the final major changes planned to CASS, eCASS description and planning, Family Member “Convergence”, and TPS “Migration” from CASS to eCASS, as well as standards used or needed.
Featuring the following papers:
"CASS Sundown and CASS FoT convergence" 
Sam Winters (NAVAIR ATS PM) & Matt Morgan (NAVAIR ATS Eng.)
"eCASS Sunrise" 
Sean Demme (NAVAIR ATS PM) & Joe Mikolaj (NAVAIR ATS Eng.)
"OTPS Migration" 
Jose Cifredo (NAVAIR ATS Eng.) & Tony Conard (NAVAIR ATS PM)
"Standards, Interoperability and Future TPS Development Environments" 
Bob Fox (NAVAIR ATS Eng.) & Mike Malesich (NAVAIR ATS Eng.)


Special announcement on US Military/government conference attendance rules

The HON Frank Kendall, Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition Technology & Logistics, issued a guidance memorandum to all DoD departments and agencies on February 20, 2014 urging DoD commands "to give appropriate consideration to the importance of attendance at technical symposia and conferences that enhance communication between DoD acquisition professionals and their industry counterparts."
This memorandum was issued to attempt to restore some of the critical interchange that military and government officials conduct with their industry counterparts during attendance at select conferences and symposia such as IEEE AUTOTEST. In HON Kendall's memorandum, he recognizes that "the Department (of Defense) is the largest single employer of scientists and engineers in the United States. Maintaining professional currency is an important part of this investment in human capital." HON Kendall further states, "Science and technology (S&T) conferences and symposia, at which technical data and information is exchanged, are potentially beneficial both for maintaining technical competence and for the professional development of DoD scientists and engineers."
IEEE AUTOTEST clearly falls within this definition of the types of conferences and symposia that HON Kendall is urging DoD employees to attend, where there is a technical relationship with data interchange that has suffered over the past two years.
HON Kendall urges military commands and government organizations to distribute the guidance memorandum throughout their organizations, and we provide the full guidance memorandum here to assist you in understanding that DoD military and government personnel will be allowed to attend events such as conferences and symposia that meet the criteria, such as IEEE AUTOTEST.