Panel Discussions

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Title: "Design for Testability (DFT) Panel"

Scheduled Time: Tuesday, September 16, 3:00 PM

Moderator: Louis Y. Ungar, A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.

Description: Many designs lack the necessary features to detect, isolate and easily repair failed circuits.  Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) reduces hardware costs, but has it made test and diagnosis of the system easier or more difficult?  What can we do to get testable COTS?  Some COTS are equipped with Built-In Test (BIT), but these test the individual subsystem – not the entire system – and that may not detect or isolate system faults.  System level DFT and DFD (diagnosability) are essential for cost effective support.  When do we plan for this?  Is it cost-effective? Whom do we ask to implement it?  How?  

These are some of the issues that Panelists and the Audience will tackle and as in previous panels make pragmatic and useful recommendations to bring back to managers.  Interestingly, at the IC level, DFT is widely supported by managers, at the board level it also finds some support, but at the system level testability is hard to come by.  Why?


  • Dr. David R. Carey, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Wilkes University.  Previously with Tobyhanna Army Depot
  • Mike Ellis; Retired. Previously Northrop Grumman Corp., Test Automation, ATE Associates, Harris Corp.
  • Lyndon McCoy, Lead Engineer, Airborne Electronic Attack Systems Division, Spectrum Warfare Dept., Naval Surface Warfare Center - Crane
  • Loofie Gutterman, President, Marvin Test Systems
  • Craig Stoldt, Test & Engineering Supervisor, BAE Systems
  • Other Invited Panelists will come from various organizations and offer a variety of positions and perspectives.

Title: "2014 Outlook of Modular Instrumentation in the T&M Industry"

Scheduled Time: Wednesday, September 17, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Description: What is the status and outlook for VXI,  PXI, LXI, and AXIe instrumentation? Has modular instrumentation become the defacto standard of automated test? In what applications? What does this mean for Mil/Aero applications in particular? Five industry experts will give brief presentations on these topics followed by an interactive panel discussion. 

Moderator: Bob Helsel, Executive Director of the VXIbus Consortium, PXI Systems Alliance, LXI Consortium, and AXIe Consortium


  • Reggie Rector, Co-Chair PXISA Marketing Committee, National Instruments
  • Tom Sarfi, President, VXIbus Consortium; VP Marketing and Business Devt., VTI Instruments Corp.
  • Larry Desjardin, President, Modular Methods & former Chairman of the Board of the AXIe Consortium
  • Von Campbell, Chairman of the Board, AXIe Consortium; Platform Components R&D Manager, Software and Modular Solutions Division, Keysight Technologies
  • Steve Schink, President, LXI Consortium, Keysight Technologies



Title: "Emerging Technical Trends in Automated Test"

Scheduled Time: Wednesday, September 18, 3:30 PM

Description: Technology is always on the move – what challenges will the next 50 years of Automated Test provide? We will explore how Built in Test is being used to support the evolution of autonomous ATE environments, emerging trends for Synthetic Instrumentation, the challenges of testing dynamic user displays and environments, and the latest developments in RF Test technology.

Moderator: Peter Castelli, Draper Laboratories


  • Mark Lupo, Draper Laboratory – “Autonomous System Test Evolution”
  • Dr. David Carey, Wilkes University – “Synthetic Instrumentation”
  • Mitch Ayoob, Raytheon – “Challenges of Automated Testing in Dynamic Display Environments”
  • Pete Pragastis, National Instruments – “RF Microwave Test Technology”